Earning Beauty

When the high was the only thing that mattered, you only had one thing to worry about.

Only having only one thing to worry about felt pretty damn good, didn’t it?

It felt better than being high.

Now that you are clean, the entire world suddenly matters, and you are worried about everything.

It feels so much worse than the struggle to stay high, but stick with it. All good things must be earned, and rediscovering the beauty of life is one of the greatest things a human can achieve.

You’ve earned this.

Fear is the Mind Killer

On my way home just now, an officer pulled me over for doing 43 MPH in a 15 MPH school zone. I could not argue with him. He got me.


On top of that. I forgot my registration at home, so when he asked me for it, all I could do was hand him an old one and explain the reason I forgot the new one.


This young cop was totally cool and understanding. He gave me a verbal warning, and while doing so, an old man in a ratty pick-up truck drove by real slow and shouted, “Damn out-of-stater!”


The young cop an I exchanged glances. He shook his head, told me to have a nice day and that was that.


Here’s where I have a problem: I live between Maine and Massachusetts. This old fellow seemed to have a problem with me just because I have Mass plates.


The young cop didn’t seem to have a problem. He was even nice to me.


How about that!


Here’s what I think the issue is: The man had the deepest Maine accent I think I’ve ever heard, leading me to believe he doesn’t get out much. On top of that, he looked really old. In other words, he spent an entire lifetime fearing anyone who doesn’t look like him or talk like him, too afraid to leave the comforts of his home-state and explore the world while getting to know the beautiful people who live in it.


As a result of his fear, his mind set became: stranger = bad.


The poor guy needs to turn on the news, or open a newspaper, because if he can’t handle a guy from Massachusetts hanging around his state, how is he going to handle the growing minority population in towns like Waterville, Freeport and Augusta.  People are coming from all corners of the globe, and guess what?  No amount of fear can stop it.


Gotta love your neighbors, everyone. Now more than ever, because the only thing you really need to fear in life is people who are just as afraid of strangers as you are.

The Pursuit of happiness

When beginning the pursuit of happiness, I feel it is important to remember that happiness isn’t always found by achieving the goal. Sometimes the journey is all we need to keep our restless minds at ease.


Sadly, once some of us have acieved our goals, they realize they are still not happy.


The journey, the goal – none of it matters.


Why is this?


I believe it is because there is a hole inside of some people. A hole that (through years of abuse) can no longer be filled with substances.


But they still need to fill that hole.


They use words like ‘driven’ and ‘goal oriented‘ to fill that hole. But it never gets filled, does it?


So maybe this tunnel visioned approach at life isn’t necessarily a success story in the making. Instead, maybe they have an unquenchable soul that is seeking something more than life, something even they themselves know they will never find.


And until the veilled sillhouettes of long lost loved ones emerge from the darkness, entering their vision from the other end of a darkening bedside, maybe then they will realize that their pursuit has ended. maybe then they can find happiness.

Exchanging Poetry for Sex

Several years ago, I wrote a poem. I used to recite this poem to all the young ladies out there in a lame attempt to get laid. (You know how the ladies swoon over the artist types).


Anyways, it is titled ‘In the Hot Sun,‘ and it goes as follows:


“Delicate olfactory sensors embrace the scant scent as it wafts gently from my glimmering finger tips,


prior to an endearing engagement in which they  re-familiarize themselves with my nether regions.


Along with the warmth spread across my epidermis, excreted after an intense day of physical labor,


emitted from the sun’s children.”


So this poem never got me laid, but I am still happy having recited it straight faced to many pretty young women, because once you remove all the Latin and fancy words. the poem reads:


“I like to smell my fingers


after I have scratched my balls,


after a long day of work


in the hot sun.


(Just thought I would let you all in on the joke). (Don’t sleep with me should I recite this to you).

Moving Mountains

Recent studies show that if a large enough group of people get together and focus all their energy and all their thoughts onto one single thing, they have the ability to move that thing.
They can change it.

So does this mean that the power of prayer is real? Can we actually move mountains with nothing more than collective thoughts?

So why aren’t we doing this? It seems like a no brainer to me, and the sooner we start the better. Hell, I say we do it right now, because it sure seems like the media has our brains wired to think negative thoughts all the time.




Your guess is as good as mine, but our ignorance don’t mean we lack the power to change it.

But Before we decide to do it, we need to decide what to pray for.  Do we pray for world peace? The end of hunger? Population control? Perhaps we could all pray for me to find my missing sock.


That would be nice.

Whatever we decide, let me know and we shall begin the rise of prayer immediately. Let’s make our dreams come true, because science confirms this.

Together we can move mountains!



Finding Beauty in Screaming Chaos

It doesn’t matter how many times I listen to ‘Be Quiet and Drive,’ by the Deftones, it still makes my hair stand on end. Most people claim to hear only noise, but my eardrums capture delicate comfort somewhere among the screaming chaos.

And this seems to be the pattern of my existence. Whether it be literature, movies or the women I’m drawn to. The majority of society appears to dislike the very things that complete me.

So if any of you out there feel as though no one understands you, or you feel as though everyone dislikes you, please know that this man right here recognizes the agony that lies just beneath the surface, and I am completely and madly, head over heels in love with you.


Her Song

Ever share a moment with a woman, then a song you love comes on the radio?

It’s always been your song. No one else seems to like it the way you do, so you’re staring into this woman’s eyes, sharing that moment, wondering if they hear the song the way you do.

You can’t even tell if she realizes a song is playing because she’s staring at you as though you’re the only thing that matters. The music lives inside her eyes now, and that’s when you notice it isn’t your song anymore.

Its her song now, whether she knows it or not, and every time you hear it, for the rest of your life, you will remember that moment. You will remember her.

You don’t need a camera to take a snapshot, because that moment belongs to both of you, and you can relive it anytime you want, just by playing that song.

You’d better love her, because that wonderful woman just gave you something magical.

For anyone who’s wondering, that song was “Fade Into You,’ by Mazzy Star, but not anymore. It’s “Her Song” now.